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Mauna Kea Equals Beauty, Love and Family


The Kapu Aloha governing Protectors on the mountain top has led to a shift in thinking and brought together people of all ages and from different cultures.


Witnessing the draw of Mauna Kea is an amazing sight to see and feel. She tugs at your heart, she calls all from different walks of life. She fills your heart as she continues to fill mine. She has brought and continues to bring together multi-cultural people of all generations with her unconditional love from near and far. This is a global human issue for our love of all sacred elements.

I am so profoundly proud of all the Protectors who are physically, spiritually and emotionally aligned with Kapu Aloha and who are teachers who continue to reach out to everyone in aloha.

Reading many conversations with open respectful dialogue is an awesome thing to see transpire.

Mauna Kea means many things to many people. She would be the first I would see when I woke up as a little girl growing up in Waimea. I have many wonderful memories of time spent on Mauna Kea with my mom,dad and brothers, who were my first teachers of chant; of giving a hookupu (gift) as we hiked to the top; of learning how to hunt on the lower slopes of Mauna Kea with my dad and brothers.

I feel my brothers with me more then ever because of what is happening a top Mauna Kea, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing change, this shift of thinking to have aloha for everything and everyone.

The fact is there are 13 telescopes are on Mauna Kea when none should have been built a top tutu mauna. She is our piko (belly button) that feeds Hawaii Island, she protects us from harm when weather is bad. Time has come to remove the 13 telescopes and let her heal. Many, many of us will help her to heal, and this healing has already begun with the stoppage of the Thirty Meter Telescope. Mahalo nui loa ~ Ah’oi Cookie Akau-Gaspar

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