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E Mihi Kahele

Don't stray from the Path

The Path is a Firm Commitment to Aloha


Conducting oneself in Prayer and Ceremony on Mauna Kea


  1. All People must treat each other with Aloha and Respect

  2. Be mindful of the Place you are entering. It is Wahi Kapu -- Sacred Place and Sacred Space to be entered in Aloha, Reverence and in Ceremony.

  3. Ho'oulu our Lahui and honor place our Aumakua, and Kupuna

  4. Walk lightly as their are Iwi kupuna and delicate life forms of specie fond no where else in the world.

  5. Malama the environment pick up all opala

  6. No swearing or speaking disrespectfully-this is a Spiritual event .

  7. Absolutely no alcohol, drugs or cigarets--this is a Spiritual event

  8. Assist Kupuna at all times.

  9. Care for the Keiki at all times.


Mahalo and Aloha

Mauna Kea 'Ohana

Protocols for Kapu Aloha

Protect Mauna Kea

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